About Us

Lashique is an Australian-owned business that has been founded in the hope to help women change the way they apply false lashes forever. We know more that ever that applying beauty products should be seemingly effortless and we offer just that! Here at Lashique™, we have done extensive research and numerous product tests to find the perfect formula that is simple to use and yet super effective.

"This new innovation of lash adhesive has to be the best one yet!"

When we think of false lashes, we think lash glue - not only that it is rated amongst the most toxic of all beauty products but also the mess with applying and removing after residues that women had to put up with. In the recent years, the cosmetics industry had been developing new formulas to enhance lash applications easier and more importantly toxic-free.

Lashique therefore has been created to give you the ultimate lash experience. Once you'll try our Wonder Liner, you won't need to look any further. We are here to provide you the easiest lash application in the market that will save you much of your valuable time. 

 "Our aim is to offer only the highest quality false lashes."
We stand behind cruelty free and offer faux mink lashes that looks as natural as possible for a daily wear or an occasionally dramatic volume for those gorgeous glam selfies. Our range of 3D strip false lashes are made from the latest technology of bionic PBT fibre that resembles real mink effect with thin and curled fibres, and flexible cotton band for the most comfortable long lasting wear. 
 "We vow to help women be more confident in themselves than ever..."
Lashique prides itself as the latest market leader of lash applications. We ensure you apply only the best and the safest products to add on to your beauty collection.