Here you can read through our guide with tips & tricks on how to apply lashes in seconds and help you improve your lash application skills 


Gently remove lashes using your fingers or tweezers from the outer edge and never the inner corner. This is to ensure that you if you bend one section of the lashes on the outside, it will be more likely to be trimmed off to fit your eyes. 

TIP: Add curve to the lash strips to allow them to form a shape to your eyes for easier application. Gently bend lash bands with your fingers or wrap it around a makeup brush for a minute before applying it.


Rest the strip lash along your lash line. The inner corner of the lash should start where your natural lashes begin. Never start too close to the inner corner of your eyes as this can cause irritation to your eyes. The outer edge of your lashes should end where your natural lash ends. Mark where you want to trim down the outer edge of the lash lash then cut the excess band with scissors. Make sure you never cut through the lash fibres to avoid damage to the natural appearance of your lash strips.

TIP: Always trim from the outer end of your strip lash as the inner corner lashes getting snipped can create a rather unnatural look. 


IMPORTANT: To get the best hold of your lash adhesive, ensure your eyelids are dry and free from oil before applying Wonder Liner if you don't have any eyeshadow applied beforehand.

Shake well before use. Hold the Wonder Liner like a pen and rest your pinky to your cheek to enable a stable gliding. Begin by drawing thin little lines lightly on your lash line, this ensures that once you connect these little lines together you will end up with a clean straight line as you glide along covering any gaps you see and to achieve pointy strokes on each end. Make sure you apply enough Wonder Liner as thick as the lash band on the area where you secure your lash. Let eyeliner dry completely before applying the strip lash. Recommended wait time up to 30 seconds for best results.

TIP: For a winged-liner look using our black Wonder Liner, mark a dot where you'd like the wing to end and use it as a guide to join up with your lash line. 


Hold a compact mirror below your chin to allow you to see exactly where to place your lash strip when looking down. Use a lash applicator which will help you get a better grip and clearer placement of the entire lash strip. Start on the inner corner of your lash line where your natural lashes begin pressing lightly against the applied Wonder Liner working towards the middle then end. Squeeze the strip lash down to your natural lashes using your fingertips to make sure you don't end up with visible skin in between your strip lashes and natural lashes. Finish by gently pushing against the lashes to check each end is bonded securely. Apply additional Wonder Liner on areas necessary to blend in the strip lash with the liner.

TIP: Apply Wonder Liner along the inside of your lash bands as well as your lash line for a double adhesive technique if you want super long lasting application.



⍟ Store your eyeliner with the tip pointing down to avoid felt tip from drying out if not used regularly.

Place your lashes back in the tray after each use to retain the shape and avoid accidental damage to your lashes.

Clean your strip lashes every after 5 uses to remove any liner residues on them. Use an oil free make up remover or micellar water using a cotton bud.

✘ Avoid cleaning your strip lashes with oil based remover or applying mascara directly on them as it can damage the natural appearance of your lashes and may cause some fibres to fall out.

Following our guidance guarantees that you will get the maximum use of your strip lashes up to 30+ times with ease!